Why should I hire a personal trainer? Hiring a personal trainer has many benefits.

It optimizes your time and effort. Having a professional design your workout regimen ensures that you are getting the optimal results from your efforts in the shortest amount of time.

Safety. A good trainer not only needs to help you reach your fitness goals but keep you injury free while doing so. Improper form over time will lead to chronic injury if not acute injury immediately. Having a trainer instruct and watch you while you perform all of your exercises will ensure this does not happen.

Variety. A personal trainer will keep your routine consistently evolving in order to make sure your workouts don’t become stagnant or boring. By keeping the body (and mind) consistently adapting to new stimuli, you ensure that you continue to progress towards your goals and prevent yourself from burning out.

Accountability. The most important factor and for some the biggest hurdle to success with a workout routine is just showing up. By hiring a personal trainer and scheduling workouts with them, you are not only making a commitment to your trainer but to yourself. If you know you have someone waiting to meet you, you will not be able to make excuses for not going in.

It saves you time. You don’t have to think or plan. Just show up and do as you’re told. For some who juggle a busy and stressful schedule, this can be the biggest benefit.

Why should I hire J. NyQuist as my personal trainer?

I have been changing bodies and lives for the last 15 years as a personal trainer. In that time my level of education and experience has given me the tools to handle your specific needs in a safe and effective manner. I am nationally certified and insured.  I am proficient in teaching with a wide variety of training modalities. I use free weights, weight machines, resistance tubing, medicine balls, kettlebells, Swiss balls, jump ropes, BOSU balls and a sledgehammer. I have run Boot Camp style classes for many years and can incorporate many of the full body functional exercises from those classes into your gym workouts. I am passionate about training my clients and have dedicated my life to it. I also keep the mood very light and fun while getting a lot of work out of you at the same time so there is no pressure to perform. You will do it just fine without any stress or worry.

Where is training conducted?

Training is conducted at World Gym San Diego


2949 Garnet Avenue. San Diego, California 92109


Is my gym membership included with my package price?

There is a separate fee for use of the gym facilities. There is a flat fee and no

minimum commitment so you only pay for the amount of time you would like to

use the gym.

World Gym San Diego2949 Garnet AvenueSan Diego, California 92109(858) 272-3400Hours of Operation:M-F 4am-Midnight

Sat-Sun 5am- 9pm

Current Prices:

Day:                 $10

Week:              $30

2 Weeks:         $40

1 Month:         $50

3 Months:       $100

6 Months:       $180

Full Year:        $300

* Over 25,000 square feet!!!

* No Initiation Fees

* No Contracts

* Flat Rate

A Franchisee of World Gym International, Inc

What is an average session with J. NyQuist like?

I like my clients to show up about 10 minutes early for their workouts and warm up on a cardio machine of their choice. That way we can get into the good stuff as soon as the session starts. Every workout is tailored for each individual but I generally work larger muscle groups before smaller ones and put the most strenuous exercises towards the beginning of the workout when you have the most energy. I save core and mat work for the end. Unless your specific goals or level of ability (prohibits), I like to start new clients with full body workouts that target all of the major muscle groups. You are free to take breaks as you need them and will not be forced to perform any exercises you do not feel comfortable or safe doing. You will NEVER see me talking on my phone, eating, or distracted by someone else during your workout. This you can be sure of!

How quickly will I see results?

Everyone is different. The rate of your results will depend on your initial fitness level, your nutritional intake and the amount of rest you get. That being said you should notice your ability to perform the exercises improve by your third  or fourth workout. You should definitely notice a marked improvement in muscle tone by the end of your first month. The weight on the scale may not change much initially but this is common and due to the fact that you are shedding body fat while building muscle. This is a good thing.

What do I need to bring with me to my workout?

You need to bring a small towel, a water bottle and comfortable workout clothes. Lockers are provided but you must supply your own lock if you choose to use one. All training equipment is provided by the gym or J. NyQuist.

How do I get started?

All you have to do to get started is call (619-818-2040) or email me (jnyquist@jnyquistfitness.com) to schedule your FREE consultation. This generally lasts about 30 minutes. During this consultation you can see the gym facilities first hand, discuss your specific training goals and meet me in person to see if I’m the right trainer for you. In order to save time and paper I ask that you fill out the online registration form and submit it prior to our consultation.

Will J. NyQuist come to my home to train me?

I will travel to a client’s home but my training fee doubles as I must factor in an additional hour for driving that can’t be spent training another client. World Gym is the best option in that the variety of equipment available is greater and thus your overall results as well.

I have an injury/ disability. Is this a problem?

No. I have vast experience working with clients with physical limitations. I can work around a permanent disability and rehabilitate an injury. In fact, I’ve had great luck restoring ability and quality of life to clients with disabilities by strengthening the rest of their bodies to levels they never thought possible.