My Favorite 3 Free Uncommon Tips For Destroying Extra Calories

In the United States today, the weight loss industry is still a multi-billion dollar a year industry. In 2014, according to Marketdata Enterprises, it totaled a whopping$64 billion*. With so many Americans looking to shed pounds from diet and exercise, I thought I would give you a few of my lesser known tips for burning some extra calories. Here are 3 of my favorite ways I burn extra calories on a daily basis that add up and make that extra difference.

Isometric Tension

When you think of a bodybuilder, you think of someone in a bathing suit, ripped to the bone and flexing in various poses. What most people don’t realize, is that flexing takes an incredible amount of energy and conditioning. Not only does consciously flexing your muscles increase muscle tone, but it also burns a lot of calories in the process. Muscle is a biologically active tissue which means it is a calorie burner. You too can take advantage of the same benefits bodybuilders get from tension posing by flexing your muscles throughout the day. Try flexing every muscle in your body at once for just 10-20 seconds, and you’ll see what I mean. Flex in front of your bathroom mirror. Flex in your car. Flex during your workout. The more you contract your muscles on purpose, the more calories you burn and you can do it at almost any time. It may sound funny, but it seriously works.

Weight Vest

I wear a 20 lb. Weight vest nearly every day for 3-4 hours in the morning while I train my clients. Every time I take it off, my shirt is damp from sweat. This is because my body is being forced to activate more muscle, throughout my entire body, to perform the same activities I normally would without the vest. This is a tip you can incorporate during your workout, or while at home cleaning the house or performing routine tasks. The extra weight gives you a nice metabolic boost which is like revving your calorie burning engine. I would only recommend the vest if you are healthy enough for exercise and don’t have any existing medical conditions or back problems. But if you can wear the vest, it is a calorie burning machine that requires no other time or action than it takes to put it on.

Random Sets Throughout the Day

Who says you can only perform sets of exercises during your workout? I have found it to be very effective to throw in a random set here and there when I have a free moment. A set of pushups here. A set of bodyweight squats there. One set is not enough to make you sweat through your clothes but can add up to an entire workout if done consistently throughout the day. I find it easier to make a list of sets beforehand so I have a list ready and goals to hit. It keeps it on my mind when it becomes part of my to-do list. I am much more likely to find a moment and do it if I have a written plan beforehand. Try a couple of sets before you leave the house, a set on a work break, a couple of sets before you eat lunch and dinner and a set before bed. You’d be surprised what a difference this makes over time.

The key to weight loss is total calories burned vs. taken in. There is no written rule that you can only burn during workouts. Burn them consistently and shedding those pounds becomes as easy as pie. Try out these tips and tell me what you think. J. NyQuist



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